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The Process

Here's a little about the materials and the process I use for creating my Chaulk Pastel paintings. It begins with choosing the paper, and I use only two kinds. One is Mi Tientes by Canson, imported from France; the second is designed specifically for pastels, called Ersta sandpaper from Germany. This is by far the best surface and holds the chaulk firmly and allows reworking. This characteristic allows me to hand rub each color into the surface and to create countless variations of color.

The use of a fixative is very important; the two I use are Winsor & Newton artists workable fixative for pastel, and Krylon Workable Fixatif 1306. The result is a rich thick surface that is stable and has great longevity. This photo shows many of my materials; the numbers on the photo correspond to the descriptions below.

1. My first pastel set, only a few left 2. Fixative spray: adheres pastel to sandpaper
3. Stumps, for blending 4. Rembrandt Soft Pastels, one of my favorites
5. Schwan/Stabilo pastel pencils 6. Backing of Ersta, Pastel Sandpaper
7. Ersta, Pastel Sandpaper, made in Germany

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